My name is (Freddie) Axel Engman and I grow up in a small village in Sweden.
I have been shooting and hunting since childhood, and was while I still lived in Sweden going under my first name Freddie, it all changed to my second name Axel during my time working with diving in Thailand – but that is a story best told around a camp fire.
I came to South Africa the first time in -98, and have since 2004 lived in Ermelo, located 220 km’s east of Johannesburg, permanently.
I reside together with my wife Karin, who is South African, and our daughter Emma Jade – who, as I, have dual citizenships.
The area we live in is considered highveldt and Ermelo is located 1700 meters above sea level.
Our climate varies from warm in summer (November – February) with temperatures around 30 degrees Celsius, to cool in winter (May – August) with frequent frost during night time and mid-day temperatures around 15 degrees. Our rainy season is during the summer months when we normally have a thunder storm in the afternoon, while it hardly ever rains during the winter months and the humidity is very low.

If you are looking for enthusiasm, knowledge, high standards and someone who is always willing to make the arrangements for a dream to come through – send me a mail, and let’s plan an adventure!