Hunting Season

Since we are hunting on farms with exemption permits where the animals belong to the land owner, we have the right to hunt year round.

There are certain aspects one should take into consideration before booking a hunt.
During our summer months (November – February) the temperatures regularly hit 40 degrees Celsius, hence you normally hunt from dawn (04,00) to around 07,00 – break for a siesta and then again hunt from around 16.00 until nightfall around 19.00
During our summer months the entire bush is in full leaf and the grasses are tall, so please don’t book the smallest antelopes to hunt!
Trophy animals you’ll be able to find year round, but your chances increases during the rut (May-August) since the animals tend to move more during this period of time. During this time of year the temperatures are much more pleasant and we tend to hunt the better part of the day with a break for lunch.
Culling- or reduction hunting should preferable take place during the months of May – August due to the fact that we then also shoot females, and we strive to avoid leaving dependent lambs without the eve. During this period of time the temperature vary from a few below zero in the morning to the twenties during the day.

In closing, hunting takes place throughout the year, it is entirely up to you to choose. If you wish to have more information or suggestions regarding the animal(s) you are looking for, please send me a query and we’ll take it from there.